Andreas Kjær Thomsen



The LEGO Group

Tulip International


Andreas Kjær Thomsen, 

Associate Partner


Innovative creative strategist with a solid busines mindset and an innovative mind


Personal North Star

Andreas is fueled by the passion of bridging business thinking - based on a consumer centric approach - with that of innovative and creative problem solving.




In his capacity as Founder and Partner of CCG Innovation, Andreas is one of the closest 'play mates' of Future Minds.

Andreas holds a Master degree in Business Administration and has many years of experience leading and driving strategic and tactical innovation with companies like Danish Crown Foods, The LEGO Group, Arla Foods amba and Grundfos Management.


He is an often used key note speaker at conferences and seminars, were driving effective innovation through a consumer centric approach is in focus. He works with clients across a broad range of industries from food to furniture and toys to education. During the recent years sustainability and green consumption has become a special focus area in supporting companies on their innovation journey.


Andreas has a unique skill and ability to swiftly “connect the dots” within problem solving. Converting insights and trends into concrete opportunities and innovative ideas.