Carsten Ahrenfeldt


The LEGO Group

Royal Unibrew


Dandy Chewing Gum

Carsten Ahrenfeldt

Associate Partner


A super engaged and experienced senior leader within Innovation strategy, planning and execution.


Personal North Star

Carsten is particularly powerful in striking the relevant and profitable “Nirvana” of consumer needs and business & branding objectives. He has a true love for bringing communication and branding into the innovation process to ensure that consumers get a lasting memory and relationship with the brand.



On an everyday basis, Carsten is a Partner at CCG Innovation, and another very close 'play mate' to Future Minds. He has a Masters Degree in International Business and Marketing. Throughout his career, Carsten has worked with innovation, marketing and business development of branded goods in the global market arena; such as The LEGO Group, Royal Unibrew, Cadbury, and Dandy Chewing Gum.


From trainee to vice president. From specialist to leader. From very early value chain to very late value chain. From strategy to execution. In other words, a very broad and deep business and innovation experience and with that Carsten now possesses a super potent toolbox. Moreover, a strong urge to help business find the right solutions.