Rikke Ulk

Rikke Ulk

Deep Human Insights Partner


A deep insights and co-creation specialist working with applied anthropology in business, organizations and society


Personal North Star

Rikke is engaging, positive and untraditional in her way of work. She is analytically sharp, easily smiling and a pioneer consultant when she combines joy and purpose.



Rikke has founded the first European Anthropology lead human centered consultancy company Antropologerne back in 2003.

She holds a Masters Degree in Cultural Anthropology (from University of Copenhagen 2002) and is specialized in urban anthropology (from Rio De Janiero, Brasil and with a thesis on night clubbing in New York City, USA).

RIkke loves using pictures, moving pictures, design methods and visual communication in her work. She is known as a pioneer in using and inventing methods and approaches that let participants, employees and leaders take part in the insight and change, she and her teams provides.

Rikke is a strong networker and she has built a new model for her consultancy (since 2018): Based on joy and purpose, physically centered on the island of Samsø (the Gathering island and more recently the Energy island) + with a Copenhagen office she collaborates with strategic partners and joins forces with the many skilled professionals from her anthropological network when setting a team.

Since 2008 Rikke and Antropologerne have been founding partners in the REACH Network (20 skilled design/ethnographic companies joining forces and working on client projects together – all to strengthen a considerate change). See: http://reach-network.com