Anne Flemmert Jensen

Anne Flemmert Jensen, Ph.D.

CEO & Founder

A passionate consumer insights strategist with a special talent for transforming businesses

Personal North Star

Anne is a futurist by heart and is driven by understanding human needs and disruptive change - and transforming it into powerful innovation!


Anne has a Ph.D. in Consumer Research and an MBA in Marketing & Management. She has a long-standing career within strategic innovation leadership and helping businesses become more insights driven in their decision making.

Her experience covers a wide range of industries from toys to furniture and design, from educational services to experience parks, and from hotels to mobility and transportation. She also has a long standing experience working with public organizations to understand their users and innovate their services based on that.

As a special super power, Anne has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to kids and families as a target audience.

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More about Anne

Anne is an experienced international key note speaker and is on the Advisory Board for Design Leadership Studies as well as Business Anthropology at Southern Danish University.

She has always worked in the intersection between insights on one hand, and corporate strategy, innovation, and market positioning on the other.


Anne has a diverse understanding of businesses and organizations and how to provide maximum value for them! Mainly because her experience covers many industries, subject fields and sectors. International and national. Private and public. As an intrapreneur and entrepreneur. And on both sides of the table: As a client and as a consultant. 

Below is a small snap shot of what Anne has done:

2014-2019: Senior Director of Global Insights (Head of Global Development Research and Leadership Team Member)

2011-2014: Director of Insights and Design Direction, LEGO Future Lab (Leadership Team Member)

2008-2011: Associate Professor and Head of Research at Etrans, a Consumer Centric Innovation Project driven by Design School Kolding and with a broad ranging business cluster within sustainable energy and transportation as clients

2003-2008: CEO and Founder of Panopticon; working with user studies, strategic development, and consumer centric innovation for national and international businesses and public organizations.

2002-2003: Director at LEGO Vision Lab 2001-2003; The LEGO Group's own 'Institute for the Future'

2001-2002: Senior Research Manager at LEGO Learning Institute; understanding the future of play, learning and creativity and transforming it into innovation.

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