Learn how to identify and act on opportunity spaces

Do you want to improve the innovation power of your company? Maybe Opportunity Space Academy is something for you! Over the course of 4 online workshops, we will give you a solid understanding of the tools for building opportunity spaces as a way of strengthening the innovation power of your company, department or organization. We will guide you through a hands-on process, where you get a chance to build your own opportunity spaces and translate them into design briefs or pilot projects.


Improve your innovation power - become customer centric!

What does it mean to be customer centric? First and foremost, it means that the customer is at the heart of every decision made in your organization. It needs to be deeply ingrained in your culture and mindset, structure and ways of working, as well as tools and processes applied. Becoming truly customer-centric demands a transformation of your business and how you operate it. It will not happen over-night. But that should not prevent you from getting started!


My Innovation & Insights Leadership Journey

Anne Flemmert Jensen, the CEO and founder of Future Minds was interviewed by The Innovation Community Podcast. Here she explains about some of the key factors for translating insights into strategy and innovation. What exites her about insights. And last, but not least: She shares key learnings from her own leadership journey!

Listen to the podcast here.


Understanding the needs behind sustainable mobility

Mobility and Energy are two of the biggest factors when wanting to build a more environmenally sustainable world! But what are the drivers behind people's everyday behavior when it comes to these things? While the importance of taking care of the environment is definitely among the drivers, the vast amount of people are still driven by other factors like image, economy, and convenience.....


Here is the reason why adults play more than they used to

Anne Flemmert Jensen was interviewed by Sara Alfort from Zetland. In the interview, Anne pointed to the fact that play has been and is undergoing great change these days.  "One of the things that are happening to play is that it's rapidly expanding. It is expanding into new spheres, new digital platforms, and across age groups"....


Freedom is: To finally visit a client after a full year of online meetings!

Recently (corona hair and all) my associate partner Andreas Kjær Thomsen and I were finally let out of 'the cage' after sticking to online meetings for a full year due to covid 19. We went on the road again to meet physically with a potential client and discuss an exciting project - needless to say at a safe distance, newly tested, and with all protective equipment in place! What a memorable day! Let's hope for many more of those as the vaccines start doing their work! 


Why consumer centricity improves your innovation power

This is the first in a future row of videos from Future Minds.  All videos provide perspectives on and tools for how you can become more succesful with your innovation in the future. In this first video, Anne Flemmert Jensen speaks about why consumer centricity works as an effective navigation tool that will help you focus on and prioritize the most crucial features and propositions.


Future Minds Makes a Move

On October 1st, Future Minds moved into a new studio at Spinderihallerne in Vejle. Today Spinderihallerne is one of Denmark's biggest creative innovation environments hosting more than 60 businesses. It was built as a cotton spinning mill in 1896 - the heydays of the industrial revolution - and functioned for more than 100 years. It's raw industrial surroundings combined with it's creative and innovative vibe makes it the perfect place for Future Minds! 


5 Key Consumer Changes Coming out of Covid-19

Andreas Kjær Thomsen from CCG Innovation and Anne Flemmert Jensen from Future Minds gave a webinar in the Spring of 2020 talking about how companies could tackle the covid crisis and the changes in consumer behavior coming out of it. This is a shortened version that highlights 5 expected changes in consumer behavior coming out of the covid crisis. Click on the start button to hear the recording.