Insight & Foresight

Understand your consumers better

Future Minds has a sophisticated methodology toolbox when it comes to designing and conducting consumer and user research that fits exactly your purpose. What's more, we have a long-standing track record of translating the results into what it means for you!

We can offer to analyze and connect the dots on your existing research and insights just like we can field new research that will help you get to a better understanding.

We utilize a broad spectrum of qualitative and quantitative methodologies, including both the classic and well-known as well as the newest cutting edge methodologies to get to the right understanding.

Understanding is the key word! We never just deliver data or singular insights to you; our focus is to help you understand your target audience better. We generate a deep understanding of how your customers, consumers or users think and act, and how that will likely develop within the next 3-5 or 5-10 years. What is important to them in their everyday lives and interaction with you? What do they think about you and your brand? And what will their future needs be? We call these 'signature insights'.

Consultancy, Sparring & facilitation

Help to succeed with the journey to become more consumer centric

Future Minds can offer you consultancy, sparring and help if you want to become more consumer centric and future oriented in your strategy creation and innovation approach.

Here are some examples of what we can help you with:

1. A strategy and concrete roadmap for becoming more consumer centric and forward looking in your innovation approach. This includes elements like culture, structure, process and ways of working. 

2. How to innovate the way you work with insights for innovation. This can include methodologies, use of vendors, and how to apply insights in different ways throughout the innovation process.

3. Facilitation of insights-to-innovation workshops. Future Minds has years of experience when it comes to facilitating processes with a successful outcome. We tailor-make all workshops to the specific context and goals by drawing on a number of concrete techniques, tools and excercises. We always ensure to document the process and outcome using visual cues and concrete recommendations.

Opportunity Spaces and Growth Drivers

Insight and foresight translated into tranformative business & innovation

Future Minds has extensive experience when it comes to translating consumer insigts and foresight into strategic opportunity spaces and future growth drivers. We operate by the conviction that all successful innovation has one thing in common: It solves a need (extrinsic or instrinc) that consumers have. This is why we boil signature insights and future trends down to one single parameter: What are the unmet consumer needs arising from this?

The second step is to define what your company can do to meet the future needs identified. This is called a strategic opportunity space or a growth driver. To evaluate the potential of an opportunity space , we systematically consider different parametres such as desirability, viability and feasibility. We can also operate with different time horizons (0-3, 3-5, or 5-10 years). 

To do all of this, we utilize proven methodologies & techniques like horizon scanning, weak & strong signals, scenario building, and jobs to be done.

This work gives you strong navigation tools for driving future growth.

Key Notes & Booster Sessions

Inspiration, concrete tools - and a kick in the butt!

Future Minds offers a number of tailormade key notes and booster sessions. We also offer dedicated training programmes for companies and organizations who want to learn about the most important tools within consumer-centric innovation.

Find some selected topics below:

1. How to become a consumer-centric organization

2.How big cultural shifts will affect human needs and behavior in the near and distant future

3. Setting up and conducting your own consumer/user research

4. How to translate insights into opportunity spaces.

5. How to work with future studies and future scenarios.