Nikolaj Kjær Jensen


Mac Barren

House of Snus


Nikolaj Kjær Jensen

Junior Consultant

A young talent and an 'up and coming' marketing and management consultant with a passion for analyzing and strategizing


Personal North Star

Nikolaj is a passionate strategist and has a special talent for using data and appropriate business models to grow businesses and solve troublesome cases.



Nikolaj studies Business Economics at Aarhus University and will soon initiate his MBA in Strategy, Organization & Leadership. 

Nikolaj's super power is to categorize and choose relevant data from large data pools, and utilizing that information to make the right decisions.

Before joining Future Minds, Nikolaj has had a couple of student worker positions within business intelligence, market research and innovation. These roles have included data mining, evaluation and presentation of valuable data and business information, consumer interviews, as well as co-creation of concept ideas. As a part of these roles, Nikolaj has had a chance to expand on his analytical capabilities as well as his strategizing skills.